Premises Hire Terms and Conditions

 St Philips Church, Scholes


We ask that you read these Terms & Conditions of Hire very carefully to ensure that you understand them before making your booking. No booking application can be accepted without the Hirer indicating their acceptance of our Terms & Conditions. Failure to adhere to these Terms & Conditions may not only result in a Hirer losing their deposit, they may also lose their Bond, as well as the immediate cancellation of their scheduled booking(s).


These Terms & Conditions apply to all bookings as of 29 September 2019, until further notice. St. Philip’s Parochial Church Council reserves the right to change these Terms & Conditions and Schedule of Hire Charges at any time at their discretion. In the event of a dispute arising regarding a booking/hire, the decision of St. Philip’s Parochial Church Council will be final and binding.



In these Conditions:

  1. "the PCC" shall mean St. Philip’s Parochial Church Council;

  2. "the Hirer" shall, unless the context otherwise dictates, mean both the Hirer of the Premises and any responsible person authorised by the Hirer to act on their behalf who must be conversant with these hiring conditions

  3. "the Premises" means the room or rooms which the Hirer has contracted to hire from the PCC including all fixtures and fittings; kitchens and toilets and all the outside grounds;

  4. one-off booking” means the use of the Premises for one specific period only as set-out in the Booking Form; “regular booking” means use of the Premises on a periodic basis (e.g. every week) as set out in the Booking Form. To be considered as a regular booking the Hirer will book a minimum of 6 consecutive daily/weekly/fortnightly/ monthly hires over a 6 month period.



  1. The Hirer shall be deemed to have warranted to the PCC that they make the contract on their own behalf and or with the authority of the association, organisation, club or such other body to which they belong or is employed by.

  2. Bookings can only be accepted from persons aged 21 years or older.

  3. The PCC reserves the right to refuse a booking to any person or organisation it deems unsuitable

  4. When booking, please ensure you have allowed sufficient time for preparation and clearing up and that is reflected in the total period of hire required.


Rates, Deposits and Bond

  1. All bookings will be charged at the rate as published on our website ( at the time of your booking.

  2. For a one-off booking, the Hirer must pay a deposit of 50% of the total cost. The balance is to be paid a minimum of 7 days prior to event. If the balance is not received within the required timescale, the event will be treated as cancelled and the deposit forfeited.

  3. In addition to the agreed hire charge, a Security Bond will be required at the time of booking. This Bond is held against any potential damage or loss incurred to the Premises and/or contents by the Hirer or Persons associated with the activity/event. The PCC reserves the right to increase the amount of the Bond at their discretion. The Bond will normally be repaid in full within 14 Days after the event unless damage, loss has occurred or extra cleaning is deemed necessary.

  4. For a regular booking, an invoice will be issued on a monthly basis to the Hirer unless otherwise agreed. Payments are to be made within 14 days of invoice date. Payment by cheque payable to ‘St. Philip’s Church, Scholes’ or by bank transfer with prior arrangement.

  5. Regular bookings must be renewed every 6 months and a new booking form submitted.

  6. Any extra booking made by a Hirer that is directly related to an existing current regular booking will be charged at the rates applicable at the time of the extra booking.


  1. For cancellations by the Hirer:

    • At least 7 days before the event: No charge. 

    • 7-2 days before the event: 50% of the total hire fee. 

    • Less than 2 days before the event: 100% of the hire fee 

  2. The PCC at its sole discretion, reserves the right to cancel any scheduled booking at any time without penalty.

    • Any cancellation by the PCC will result in a refund in full to the Hirer. Please note that any refund will be at the rate in force at the time of the booking.

    • For regular bookings, the PCC will endeavour to give a minimum of one month’s written notice period if at all possible.

  3. The PCC will use its best endeavours to make the Premises available to the Hirer but shall not be liable for any loss (whether direct, indirect or consequential) resulting from its failure to make the Premises or any part of the Premises available where such failure arises by reason of any circumstances beyond the PCC’s control that without limiting the generality of the foregoing shall include breakdown of the PCC’s equipment, the Premises being required by the PCC for church services or church events or the Premises becoming unfit for the use intended by the Hirer, etc., The PCC shall, at its sole discretion, refund to the Hirer the charge already paid in whole or part.

  4. The PCC cannot be held liable for any costs incurred by the Hirer should a scheduled booking be cancelled, whether it is cancelled by the Hirer, or by the PCC.



  1. The Hirer shall be liable for any loss or damage however caused to either the Premises or the fixtures and fittings.

  2. The cost of any repair/replacement for any loss or damage to any part of the Premises and its contents will be deducted from the Bond. Should the costs exceed the total of the Bond paid, the Hirer will be liable to reimburse the PCC the full cost of the repair/replacement.

  3. If the Hirer fails to ensure the Premises are left clean and tidy and/or fails to remove their rubbish, the cost of any excessive cleaning and ground restoration will be deducted from the Bond. Any costs in excess of this will be charged to the Hirer.

  4. Crockery, cutlery, utensils, consumables and the dishwasher belonging to the Community Café are not to be used under any circumstances. Failure to comply with this will result in an automatic loss of the Bond.

  5. Improper use of the fire extinguishers will result in an automatic loss of the Bond.


  1. The Hirer is aware of and accepts their responsibility during the period of hire for protecting and safeguarding any children, young people and adults in their group / party from physical, emotional, spiritual, financial and sexual abuse and from neglect and to report any such abuse to the Parish Safeguarding Officer that they discover or suspect.

  2. If the Hirer is acting on behalf of an association, organisation, club or such other body then they must agree to abide by appropriate safeguarding procedures as set out in Appendix 1.


Responsibilities of the Hirer

  1. The Hirer will observe and comply with all rules and regulations made by the PCC from time to time relating to the use of the Premises provided such rules and regulations have first been brought to their attention.

  2. The Hirer will ensure that that the number of people in their group or party using any of the rooms in the Premises does not exceed the maximum number of people specified in respect of such rooms.

    • Church: 100 Seated, 140 standing

    • Hall Main Room: 50 Seated, 60 Parties

    • Hall Small Meeting Room: 20 Seated, 30 Standing

  3. The Hirer will be present throughout the period of hire and responsible for the good order and care of the Premises and the behaviour of all persons in their group or party.

  4. The Hirer will not enter the Premises prior to the commencement of the period of hire except for the purpose referred to in 6 below. The Hirer and all other persons shall vacate the Premises on or before the end of the period of hire, so as not to interfere with the needs of other users

  5. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that any privately owned electrical appliance or equipment brought onto the Premises by them or by any person in their group or party is safe and suitable for its intended use and that any such electrical appliance or equipment which is not privately owned has been properly PAT tested and is labelled accordingly and will also ensure that any such appliance or equipment is used in a safe manner.

  6. The Hirer is responsible for reporting any damage to the Premises or damage to or breakage of the equipment, furnishings or other contents which may be apparent at the start of the period of hire or which may arise during the period of hire to the PCC as soon as possible after use.

  7. The Hirer is responsible for reporting any defect in the fabric of the Premises or in its furnishings and equipment which has caused or might cause injury or damage to users of the Premises or their property to the PCC.

  8. The Hirer is responsible for the Health and Safety of all those attending the event. In particular, the Hirer shall:

    • Ensure that, prior to use, they will familiarise themselves with the layout of the Premises, the fire safety features (particularly the position of the fire exits, exit routes and fire extinguishers) and fire evacuation procedure.

    • Take all necessary precautions to minimise the risk of fire breaking out on the Premises and accepts responsibility for compliance with the fire safety procedures referred to in the notices and signage displayed in the Premises

    • Ensure that all those attending the event are aware of the fire evacuation procedures at the start of the event.

    • In the absence of any qualified first aider, the Hirer will take charge of any accident situation ensuring, if appropriate, that the emergency services are summoned as quickly as possible or that the injured person(s) is/are taken to the nearest hospital accident and emergency department. The Hirer should at all times endeavour to have in their possession a mobile phone for use in an emergency and, in addition to contacting the emergency services, should also inform one of the Churchwardens.

    • The Hirer is responsible for recording any accidents or incidents occurring in or about the Premises which caused or might have caused personal injury in the Accident Book held on the Premises.

  9. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Premises are not used in a manner which might damage or impair the reputation of St. Philip’s Church, or its members or which may be unlawful.

  10. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that the Premises will not be used in a manner which might disturb, annoy or cause a nuisance to other users of the Premises or to the occupiers of neighbouring houses or which might invalidate or adversely affect any of St. Philip’s Church’s insurance policies (whether on the Hall or on the Church and their contents or in respect of public liability or otherwise).

  11. The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that at the end of the period of hire the Premises are left in a secure, clean and tidy condition. All toilets should be flushed and clean; basins wiped clean where required and any sanitary waste, including nappies, removed. Any spillages should be cleared up immediately and all items brought in by the Hirer must be removed including ALL rubbish.

  12. The Hirer will be responsible for returning the keys to the Churchwarden immediately after the end of the hire period unless otherwise agreed with the PCC.


Catering Facilities

  1. The Hirer will ensure that, if the Hall kitchen is used:

    • food will not be cooked or prepared in the kitchen without the consent of the PCC; and

    • if food is cooked or prepared in the kitchen, the hygiene and other health and safety requirements as detailed in the various notices displayed in the kitchen are strictly observed and complied with.

  2. The Hirer may use the Servery in the Church to serve drinks and pre-prepared food only.  Mugs and tea spoons are available for you to use if required (but please note point 4. Under Penalties above). The refrigerator in the servery may be used to store perishable goods, but these must be removed at the end of the hire period and any spillages cleaned.


  1. The PCC shall not be liable for:

    • any damage or loss (howsoever caused) to any property brought onto the Premises  that belongs to or is under the control of the Hirer or any persons in their group or party. You are advised to arrange your own insurance;

    • the safety and security of all property brought onto the Premises by the Hirer and all persons in their group or party;

    • any injury (except that caused by the negligence of the PCC) to the Hirer or any other person or persons using the Premises.

  2. All children’s toys in the Premises are for the sole use of Church groups and are not to be used by the Hirer or anyone in their party.

  3. The use of fireworks or any other similar pyrotechnic effects, smoke or fog machines, bubble machines, glitter or confetti cannons, or any other similar effects are not permitted on the Premises, without prior permission.

  4. The Hirer must seek permission from PCC at the time of submitting a booking application if they wish to bring bouncy castles and other play equipment, BBQ’s, DJ setups, or any other equipment onto the Premises for use during the scheduled booking.

  5. No animals, other than guide dogs, are permitted within any part of the Premises, without prior permission. No animals whatsoever are to enter the Hall kitchen or Church kitchen or Servery at any time

  6. No items are to be fixed to the walls under any circumstances.

  7. The Hirer must limit noise after 11pm.

  8. These are not licenced Premises for regulated entertainment or for the sale of alcohol. However, subject to permission from the PCC, the Hirer will be able to give a performance of live music, play recorded music, or exhibit a film but only in accordance with the Deregulation Act 2015, and with the following additional conditions:

    • The Hirer is responsible for ensuring that screenings of films abide by age classification ratings.

    • The Hirer agrees that, if regulated entertainment outside of the Deregulation Act 2015 is to be held, the Hirer shall obtain a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) from Leeds City Council for which a separate charge is made.

    • The Hirer obtains written permission from the PCC to sell alcohol at the hiring and to give notice of a Temporary Event Notice (TEN) to the licensing authority.

    • Failure by the Hirer to comply with the above will result in a cancellation of the hiring without compensation.

  9. Alcohol can be brought by the Hirer and served (free of charge) to members of their group or party (18+) with the PCC’s written prior permission. Where permission is given, alcohol must only be consumed in moderation and not served to minors.

  10. Nothing shall be done on or in relation to the Premises in contravention of current law relating to betting, gaming and lotteries (including raffles, tombolas, and sweepstakes). Those responsible for functions held in the Premises must ensure that the requirements of relevant legislation are strictly observed.

  11. The entire Premises and grounds are a No Smoking Zone. Smoking and the use of vapour cigarettes/e-cigarettes are not allowed in or on any part of the Premises at any time. Individuals must not smoke in front of the Church or Hall doors.

  12. The Hirer will permit the Churchwardens and any person authorised by them to enter the Premises during the period of hire to view the Premises and ensure that these Conditions are being complied with.

  13. The Hirer and other members of their group or party using the Church car park will: 

    • share the car park with other Church and Village Hall users;

    • use the car park at their own risk; and

    • must exercise the utmost care for the safety of pedestrians and other users whilst parking and entering and leaving the car park. 

    • St. Philip’s Church accepts no responsibility for the safety of cars or other vehicles parked in this car park or of any property left inside them.

Please note: The PCC of St. Philips, Scholes is a data controller. This means we need to collect your personal data so we can process room hire bookings. A full copy of our privacy notice is on the St. Phillip’s Church website