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Your First Visit

  • Where is St Philips?
    Click here for our location and directions.
  • Do I have to tell you I am coming?
    No! Just turn up and be assured of a warm welcome. If you would like to talk to someone before you visit, please contact us.
  • When should I aim to arrive?
    If it's your first visit then it's probably best to turn up around 9.25am. If you are driving then you'll be pleased to hear that there is plenty of free parking in the car park next to the Church building. You'll be greeted at the door by our welcoming team who will direct you to your seating and give you any advice you need about keeping covid safe, etc.
  • What happens during the service?
    For some people going anywhere for the first time can be a bit of a nerve-racking experience. To help avoid any worries here's a quick summary of what you can expect at Your Church. First of all we aren't super-spiritual beings, we all had a 'first day' at church and you'll find we are a friendly bunch. If you don't understand something please simply ask. We start our service at 9.30am with a few minutes of notices keeping us informed of diary dates etc., then we begin our service. We don't use hymn books, but we project the words we use onto two large screens. You will need your distance glasses!! You will be invited to sit and stand at various points during the service, but if standing is difficult for you, please don't worry about staying seated. We finish our service around 10.30. You are then welcome to stay for coffee and biscuits. Our aim is that whether you are just looking into Christianity for the first time or have been a Christian for many years that you should be encouraged and inspired by the morning. We hope that everyone will draw closer to God.
  • Where do I sit during the service?
    Depending on the type of service, chairs at set-out in the main area of the church. You can sit wherever you like! The all-age service often has the chairs set-up "café style" with groups of chairs around a table. Occasionally, a service will have reserved seating for Uniformed groups (like Scouts or Guides), and the annual service of Remembrance will also have reserved seating If you are not sure where to sit, please ask the person who greets you on the way in to the service and they can show you to seating where you and your family (if they are with you) will be most comfortable. Just to note that many of our services are live streamed over YouTube, so you can ask to be seated in an area that is not visible on the video.
  • Do I have to bring any money to the service?
    Not unless you want to! Refreshments at the end of the service are free. We do not pass a collection plate or bag around during the service, and there's no expectation or requirement for you to make a donation, or "offering". If you want to make a donation, there is a collection plate near the entrance and we also have a contactless payment machine at the back of the church. Many of the church family contribute via direct debit, but again that is personal choice.
  • What should I wear?
    This is easy! Wear whatever you feel comfortable in. We are an informal church and accept people as they are. There is no need to dress up to try and be someone that you're not.
  • What facilities do you have for children?
    We are a family friendly church and we love having children with us. There is a play area at the back of church with toys, books etc, and you are very welcome to sit there during the service with your child. We often have activities available for children, led by experienced DBS-checked children's workers. The children explore the same themes as the adult congregation in a fun and meaningful way. Don't worry if they make a bit of noise, we are a church where children are seen AND heard! On the 1st Sunday of every month, we run a puppet club in the church hall during the main service. We have fun making puppets and using them to tell stories, sing songs, and write scripts to practice for the All Age Worship Services. Beginners and new puppeteers are always welcome!
  • I have a disability, will I be able to join in the service?
    We aim to be an all-inclusive church in all senses and we are part of the Inclusive Church Network. If you wish to discuss specific needs please contact one of us. Our premises are accessible for those with disabilities. We have reserved parking spaces near the entrance. The toilets are accessible. We also have a loop for the hearing impaired.
  • Is it just Sundays?
    Absolutely not! God is with us all week long and we aim to lead lives pleasing to him. We're not perfect and we do make mistakes, but we desire to make a positive difference in everything we do. We have different events running through the week, including a midweek bible study group (more details here). Explore our website or contact us for further details!
  • How can I get more involved?
    If you would like to find out more about what we believe, then click here.

If you have any questions about St Philip's, we would love to hear from you!

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