Image by Aaron Burden

Mid Week Bible Study

The Bible - It's worth taking a closer look!

Join us alternate Wednesdays for our midweek Bible study from 8pm in the Church to study the Bible and learn from and with each other. The evenings will be an open and informal learning space and all are welcome! 

This autumn,  we will be focussing our conversation around the Letter of Paul to the Galatians.  In this letter, Paul shows us how God is building a new family founded on the death and resurrection of Jesus. This family, then and now, has members with questions and problems as well as life and energy. In this letter, Paul will show us how to live together as a family which owes its existence and sustenance to Jesus. One author has subtitled his commentary on it ‘Guard the Gospel’.

 As always a warm welcome and some light refreshments will be waiting for you!