Lent Groups

With the vaccination programme making strides, it feels as if we are on the cusp of a new dawn both locally and nationally. But before that dawn happens there is a time of preparation and waiting. Lent is the perfect season for just that and we would encourage you to take the next six weeks as a time to live with both the death and the resurrection that Lent and Easter afford us.

Recognising that each of us has different needs, abilities and resources, we are offering, across the benefice, three different Lent courses for people to access

Living in Love and Faith. How do we as Christians respond both pastorally but also biblically, to issues such as homosexual Christians, gay couples, gay marriage and transgender people? These are not easy questions to answer and require much thought, prayer and listening. This course from the Church of England will run on Mondays (from 22 February) at 10am and Thursdays (from 18 February) at 8pm via Zoom, online and by phone. But online is preferable to phone access, as people do need to be able to see a screen because the course includes a series of video recordings. Please contact Rev. Andy (reverandy1@gmail.com or Tel: 0113 289 2437) for the Zoom access details.

Caring for Creation. For those who either don’t feel up to the Living in Love and Faith course or who don’t do Zoom, we have a York Course, Caring for Creation, running on Wednesdays (from 24 February) at 2pm. Although accessible via Zoom online as well as by phone, this course does not require people to see a screen as it uses audio recordings. Please contact Rev. Andy (reverandy1@gmail.com or Tel: 0113 289 2437) for the Zoom access details.

Rooted in Love. Becki Stennet of Scholes Methodist Church is running a course via WhatsApp and Zoom using the Lent book Rooted in Love: 40 Reflections for Lent. This will encourage a continuous conversation over the whole of Lent through the medium of WhatsApp, supplemented by weekly Zoom chats. To access this course, contact Becki Stennett on 07566 795211 or at becki_stennett@yahoo.co.uk